No world is of Poor!

In this momentarily and ad interim world [which is lasting for a confined period of time], poor suffer the most. They have nowhere to go, and no-one else to talk with, nor they have togs to hide their nakedness and cover-up their bodies. Neither they have something to eat, nor they have any shelter to live in, and safeguard theirselves from the scorching sun. Here they face all the perplexities, force majeure and trauma very courageously. However, woefully and lamentably in hereafter it’s the poor only who have to suffer the torments of Naar [A place regarded in various religions, where the wicked are punished post death] in consequences of their actions they have done in this world.
In order to devour something to stay alive, what they do, either steal or beg something. These are the only earning resources for the poor in this world, either they become thieves, stealers or beggars for their livelihoood. Acutely and unpleasantly both of these actions [Stealing and Begging] in Islam is regarded as the biggest sins [Gunnah-e-Kabirah]. So, if they have theft something in this world to eat and stay alive, they are regarded as stealers and it’s a crime. For this particular criminal action they will be apprehended and dragged into the prisons, here they have to go through innumerable tormenting sentence as prisoners. And for the akin on the day of resurrection they will be regarded as sinners and have to suffer the torments of Jahannam [as stealing and begging is forbidden in Islam, and it’s agin of the Islamic doctrines and tenets.]

In order to shield and preserve theirselves from the scorching sun or the frigid weather, they try to find shelter somewhere; however, for this particular action they are considered as illegal occupiers. For this criminal action they suffer severe agony in this world. Unluckily, anew illicitly occupying the property of someone is a sin in Islam too and regarded as wickedness and erroneous; so, again for akin rationale they have to face the torments of Naar.

I personally believe that for the poor neither this world nor the hereafter. They have come in this world to go through the severe agony and torments and again will be tormented in the next.

Fazal Raza



Life is the name of torment and agony;
Life, is like that dream which get breaks in segments and splinter!

Life is like a treatise in which, the anecdotes of our trauma, and joviality has inscribed!

Life is the name of such sun which rise, to be drowned!

The one who comes up in this world to meet death, Life is all about that one!

“Fazal Raza”

Life the trauma!

Association (Shirk)


In the Holy Quran Allah says; “Then don’t set up rivals unto Allah (The Omnipotent) while you know that Allah (The Sustainer of the Existence) alone has the right to be worshipped.” (Surah Al Baqra Ayat 22)

Narrated Abdullah RA; I asked Prophet Pbuh, “What’s the greatest sin in consideration with Allah?” The Prophet Pbuh replied, “That you set up rivals onto Allah (The one who’s all knowing) although he alone created you.”

O you who believe! Worship Allah alone, be thankful and be obedient to Allah. Ask only Allah to fulfill your needs. Pray to none but Allah, invoke none but Allah and also ask for help to none but Allah.

The Almighty Allah says, ” O the son of Adam! When you worship me alone when you obey me, when you do whatever is ordained you to do (Al-Maruf), and not to do whatsoever I forbidden you to do (Al-Munkar), why would I punish you?”

O you who believe! Never ascribe anyone with the worship of Almighty Allah and save yourself from the great torment.
Allah (The Omniscient) says, “O the son of Adam! Were you to come to me with sins nearly as great as earth and were you then face me ascribing no partner to me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as it.” (Hadis Qudsi)

O you who did repent and you who believe!
Worship Allah alone (in every respect) and do (Al-Maruf) whatever is ordained by Allah, and don’t do (Al-Munkar) whatsoever is forbidden by Allah (The Omnipresent) and his messenger Prophet Muhammad Pbuh. Act only for Allah and none else.

May Allah the Almighty guide us to the right path (Sirat Al Mustaqeem).

Don’t associate any with Allah, (The Omnipotent) (Shirk).


Prayers are such tools which could change your fate. In the Holy Quran Allah (The Omnipotent) says that I please to that person who constantly ask me for giving.

Whensoever you offer prayers, or you are in free time ask Allah to forgive you, Seek refuge of Allah, constantly seek forgiveness of Allah.

Allah (The Omniscient) much likes that person who prays to him, and who seeks his refuge.

May Allah (The Omnipresent) bless us with this ability to prays him and to Ask from him.

Forgiveness (معافی)

Forgive others in hope that Allah (The Omnipotent) would forgive you. Seek Allah’s forgiveness for yourself and for others, and forgive others.
(In the Quran in Surah An-Nisa ) Allah says;
وَاسْتَغْفِرِاللّٰہَ اِنَّ اللّٰہَ کَانَ غَفُوْرًارَّحِیْمًا۔
“And Seek the Forgiveness of Allah, certainly, Allah is ever oft Forgiving, Most Merciful.”

Allah’s Refuge

(Seek Allah’s Refuge)

He (Allah) is in the beginning; He is the end; he is in open (seen); He is in hidden (unseen).

It’s he who existed when there was nothing and it’s he who would be (remain) when nothing will remain (all perishes).

He is “what’s Seen” in this world and He is “what’s Unseen” of this world. And there’s none like him.

( وَلَمْ یَکُنْ لّٰہٗ کُفُوًااَحَدٌ)

“And there’s none co-equal (or comparable) to him.”

O you who read and O you who repent! Come and take refuge of the one who is everything and none is like him.

Allah (The Sustainer of the Existence).

The Sufi Guide

Their beauty’s covered like the thorn’s own shame:
You can’t tell them apart, they look the same,
So autumn gives it life instead of spring––
Then stones and rubies look like the same thing;
God’s gardener spots it in the autumn too,
His glance sees more than the whole world can view:
That person has the whole world in his soul:
Celestial stars are part of the moon’s whole,
And thus each image is now beckoning,
‘Glad tidings everyone, here comes the spring!’
When blossom’s radiant like a coat of mail,
How then can fruits their charming form unveil?
When blossom falls, that’s when fruit takes its place,
When bodies are destroyed souls lift their face––
Fruit is the spirit, blossom is its form,
Blossom’s good news, fruit ripens when it’s warm:
When blossom’s shed, fruit then begins to show,
When one’s decreased, the other starts to grow;
How can bread nourish till it’s broken up?
Can uncrushed grapes become wine in your cup?
Unless some healing herbs are ground with it
How can a medicine give benefit!
On the nature of the Sufi guide and obedience to him
Hosamoddin, please fetch a sheet or two
And write about the guide what I tell you;
Although you’re frail, lack strength and energy,
Without the sun there is no light for me,
Though you’ve become the lamp and glass, my friend,
You lead the hearts which follow the thread’s end:
You hold the thread’s end, from which you won’t part;
Your bounty gave the pearls strung round my heart!
Write down about the guide what I now say
And choose him––he’s the essence of the way,
The guide’s the summer, others autumn’s blight,
He’s like the moon, while they’re the dark at night.

I’ve called young fortune, my Hosam, ‘old sage’
For he’s mature with God, though not in age:
Without beginning he’s extremely old,
A rare pearl whose description can’t be told:
He grows more potent just like vintage wine,
Especially the drink that is divine.
Don’t try this path alone, first choose a guide!
Its dangerous trials will leave you petrified!
Even on routes which numerous times you’ve used
Without a guide you’re hopelessly confused––
Beware then of this new, uncharted way,
Keep focused on your guide, don’t turn away!
If you’re not safe in his protective shade,
The monster’s wails will leave you stunned, afraid,
Diverting you straight into further harm––
Much shrewder men than you could not keep calm.
Heed the Koran on those who went astray
And how the wicked Satan made them pay:
He lured them all a thousand miles from here,
Reducing them to nakedness and fear––
Look at their bones and hair, and now take heed!
Don’t be an ass, don’t let your passions lead!
Grab hold of its thick neck and pull it back
Towards the knowing guide’s specific track,
If left alone this donkey’s bound to stray
Across the field towards the mounds of hay;
Don’t you forget to hold with force its leash
Or it will bolt for miles to find hashish!
A donkey drugged––what greater enemy!
That donkey’s ruined countless––can’t you see?
If you don’t know the proper path, just do
The opposite of what it wants you to:
Consult them, then do just the opposite!
Or else you’ll always be regretting it.
A friendship with desire you can’t afford,
It leads you off the path towards the Lord,
But nothing conquers passion better than
The company of fellow travellers can:

The messenger of God advises Ali, ‘Since everyone seeks proximity
to God by means of an act of worship, seek proximity through
companionship with the special sage and servant of God, so
that you can excel all the rest’
The Prophet called Ali once to his side,
‘Lion of God, brave hero of my pride!
Don’t count on courage on its own to cope,
Take refuge too beneath the tree of hope:
Enter the realm of that pure intellect
Whom no opponent can from truth deflect.’
His shadow is just like Mount Qaf in size,
His spirit like the phoenix soars the skies,
We could continue with this man’s applause
Until the end of time without a pause,
He is the sun, though human in our sight,
Please understand that God knows best what’s right.
‘Of all the good deeds on the path, Ali,
You choose God’s special slave as sanctuary,
Others perform each single righteous deed
So from their carnal souls they might be freed.
Instead step in the shade of this true sage
To flee that hidden enemy’s tight cage;
Of all the acts of worship it’s the best,
It makes you that much better than the rest.’
If he accepts, surrender to the guide
Like Moses with his master Khezr once tried,
Stay calm, don’t question what he should commit,
So he won’t say, ‘Enough! Here’s where we split!’
If he destroys their boat, don’t you go wild,
Don’t tear your hair out if he kills a child!
Since God has said, ‘His hand is as my own’,
And ‘Up above their hands rests God’s alone,’
With God’s own hand he slays the helpless boy,
To let him live with pure, eternal joy.

From the Mathnavi of Maulana Jalal Ad-din Rumi.


In the Holy Quran Almighty Allah (the creator of universe) say that, “always seek aid with patience (sabar) and prayers (Salah)”. Don’t be impatience even if you have trapped in the worries and difficulties from all around, surely Allah (one who’s all knowing) helps those who contain patience.

Patience could protect us from many evils, and it could save us from committing greater sins.

And Allah says that I would be with those who contain patience, indeed Allah is the one who remembers his promise.

May Almighty Allah (the Sustainer) give us patience, and guide us on the right path!