Association (Shirk)


In the Holy Quran Allah says; “Then don’t set up rivals unto Allah (The Omnipotent) while you know that Allah (The Sustainer of the Existence) alone has the right to be worshipped.” (Surah Al Baqra Ayat 22)

Narrated Abdullah RA; I asked Prophet Pbuh, “What’s the greatest sin in consideration with Allah?” The Prophet Pbuh replied, “That you set up rivals onto Allah (The one who’s all knowing) although he alone created you.”

O you who believe! Worship Allah alone, be thankful and be obedient to Allah. Ask only Allah to fulfill your needs. Pray to none but Allah, invoke none but Allah and also ask for help to none but Allah.

The Almighty Allah says, ” O the son of Adam! When you worship me alone when you obey me, when you do whatever is ordained you to do (Al-Maruf), and not to do whatsoever I forbidden you to do (Al-Munkar), why would I punish you?”

O you who believe! Never ascribe anyone with the worship of Almighty Allah and save yourself from the great torment.
Allah (The Omniscient) says, “O the son of Adam! Were you to come to me with sins nearly as great as earth and were you then face me ascribing no partner to me, I would bring you forgiveness nearly as great as it.” (Hadis Qudsi)

O you who did repent and you who believe!
Worship Allah alone (in every respect) and do (Al-Maruf) whatever is ordained by Allah, and don’t do (Al-Munkar) whatsoever is forbidden by Allah (The Omnipresent) and his messenger Prophet Muhammad Pbuh. Act only for Allah and none else.

May Allah the Almighty guide us to the right path (Sirat Al Mustaqeem).

Don’t associate any with Allah, (The Omnipotent) (Shirk).

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