No world is of Poor!

In this momentarily and ad interim world [which is lasting for a confined period of time], poor suffer the most. They have nowhere to go, and no-one else to talk with, nor they have togs to hide their nakedness and cover-up their bodies. Neither they have something to eat, nor they have any shelter to live in, and safeguard theirselves from the scorching sun. Here they face all the perplexities, force majeure and trauma very courageously. However, woefully and lamentably in hereafter it’s the poor only who have to suffer the torments of Naar [A place regarded in various religions, where the wicked are punished post death] in consequences of their actions they have done in this world.
In order to devour something to stay alive, what they do, either steal or beg something. These are the only earning resources for the poor in this world, either they become thieves, stealers or beggars for their livelihoood. Acutely and unpleasantly both of these actions [Stealing and Begging] in Islam is regarded as the biggest sins [Gunnah-e-Kabirah]. So, if they have theft something in this world to eat and stay alive, they are regarded as stealers and it’s a crime. For this particular criminal action they will be apprehended and dragged into the prisons, here they have to go through innumerable tormenting sentence as prisoners. And for the akin on the day of resurrection they will be regarded as sinners and have to suffer the torments of Jahannam [as stealing and begging is forbidden in Islam, and it’s agin of the Islamic doctrines and tenets.]

In order to shield and preserve theirselves from the scorching sun or the frigid weather, they try to find shelter somewhere; however, for this particular action they are considered as illegal occupiers. For this criminal action they suffer severe agony in this world. Unluckily, anew illicitly occupying the property of someone is a sin in Islam too and regarded as wickedness and erroneous; so, again for akin rationale they have to face the torments of Naar.

I personally believe that for the poor neither this world nor the hereafter. They have come in this world to go through the severe agony and torments and again will be tormented in the next.

Fazal Raza

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